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Basic Keelboat Refresh (2023 Spring Course in Progress)

Ahoy – Everyone who has taken Basic Keelboat!

That is, either from me or from another school!

In response to many who have requested this course, I am now offering “Basic Keelboat Refresh”.

As you know… Sailing is very complex! There are numerous concepts, names of things, rules, procedures, skills, safety concepts, navigation, and more. If you’re not using, talking about, reviewing these, they tend to become lost from memory and competence.

And, when we sail, (and we will soon!), we can feel less than ready. I always feel happier when I know what I’m doing, how to do it, etc., don’t you? Especially, when I’m contributing to a team effort.

Plus, sometimes, on a sailboat, and you know, a situation could become dangerous if our skills are not up to the task.

So! Let’s all make sure we’re prepared for the sailing season, refreshed in the fundamentals, and ready to have fun!

Let’s talk about this course…!

“Basic Keelboat Refresh” will cover all of the subjects and skills of the standard Basic Keelboat course. However, we will go over some concepts quickly, and others with detailed focus. During the first session together, in the classroom, we’ll do a quiz, to find out what we’re still knowledgeable of and what we will need to concentrate on. And we’ll do the same thing while sailing.

My objective is for everyone to feel ready again, understanding the concepts, vocabulary, knots, rules, safety, navigation, procedures, line handling, steering, sail handling, trim, docking, etc….

So, I’m organizing this course to be about 1/3 of the time of the standard course. Since I teach the standard course with 10 hours of classroom and 21+ hours of boat/water, we should be expecting about 4 hours of classroom and about 8-9 hours on the boat. Giving us a total time of at least 12 hours.

And, I will be pricing the course as less than 1/4 of the standard course. And I’m including a payment option to help ease the budget!

I’m intending for us to start the class in the beginning of March, have our classroom sessions (at least 2) in the evenings. We’ll find the best evenings to meet, and then we’ll find sailing days as weather permits.

Tuition: $375 or three payments of $138.

Please click on the link below to sign up….

See you soon!


About Captain Dan


Dan Carnahan was introduced to sailing on his uncle’s race yacht in Long Beach in the 1960s, and he has been sailing ever since. Dan completed nearly the full course catalog at Club Nautique Sailing School, Alameda, in the 1980s-1990s. For three years in the 1990s, Dan organized and skippered weekly sailing trips out of Alameda and Benicia. In the early 2000s, for another three years, Dan served as crew, foredeck, in the Benicia Thursday night races. Dan started racing his own boat, a Santana 22, starting in 2013. Dan took over the management of the races, as Race Chair, in 2017 and is still serving that that position. In 2018-2019, Dan earned his USCG captain’s license, and during 2019 he was employed as a professional captain for a pleasure cruising charting company in Alameda.


Dan’s experience in leadership, teaching and coaching began during high school years, serving as a YMCA camp counselor, then as Assistant Scoutmaster for his Boy Scout Troop. He was employed by his church, serving as Youth Counselor during college years. In Benicia, Dan has served as head of the Men’s Ministry at his church, and he served professionally as Youth Pastor. Dan has served as an adult volunteer with Benicia’s Boy Scout Troop 8 since 2000 and continues still. He served several years as Scoutmaster, and several more years as Committee Chair. Today, through his professional coaching business, Dan helps entrepreneurs and business owners in a coaching/accountability capacity to achieve their business goals.


Dan helps those who are learning to feel supported and understood. He is calm and patient. His students feel comfortable and safe, not only physically, but emotionally as well. Dan knows that everyone begins their learning from the beginning, as he did. And Dan’s love for being on the water and with others provides for a very happy experience for everyone.

Benicia, San Francisco Bay

Many people love the picturesque setting that surrounds the bustling little town of Benicia. It lies on the Carquinez Strait of the San Francisco Bay Area, has an active boating community and yacht club. Seeing the sailboats out on the glistening water gives many the inspiration and desire to be a part of the sailing activity. But, until now, there has been no organized method for people to become involved. Dan has a heart to help create the way to bring people to the water and to the boats. Dan is now in the perfect position, as Race Chair, and as an experienced teacher and coach, a sailboat owner, and licensed captain, to make it a reality. Captain Dan’s mission is to provide the pathway for anyone to gain access to the exciting world of sailing.


Captain Dan School of Sailing

Dan Carnahan:
Mailing Address: PO Box 1074, Benicia CA 94510

Boat: Benicia Marina, F Dock

Santana 22 “Sail la Vie”

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