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Slime Time Charters

  • Dan Beecroft has taken over the helm of Fish Tank from Dan Leavoy …to be the New operator of Musky Boot Camp
  • Dan Leavoy, after 38 years of Chartering, has downsized his service to 1 or 2 people, accompanying his regular fishing buddies, a couple days a week. Visit him at: www.captaindan.com/daycare
  • Dan Beecroft is the Operator of Slime Time Charters
  • On Slime Time Charters You are NOT just handed a fishing rod when a fish strikes! You participate in every aspect of the hunt!
  • Slime Time Charters fishes out of the Musky Capital of the World… The Port of Belle River, Ontario, on beautiful Lake St. Clair
  • Dan is a Member of the Ontario Guides Association