Bootcamp Session Breakdown

  • Participants stow their supplies while the Captain readies the equipment.

  • Leave port and head to one of the week’s Musky Hot Spots. Usually in less than 10 minutes travel time we start trolling.

  • The Captain explains the use and design of the planer boards and line releases. The planer boards are launched and the line releases attached.

  • The Captain does the initial setup. The Captain explains how each of the 4 starboard planer board lines are set out. The discussion includes line and leader materials, bait selection, in-line weights. speed, and length of line to the bait behind the release. How to get the rod out of the holder to fight the fish. (Two lines per participant)

  • The Captain sets out each of the 4 port planer board lines as the discussion continues.

  • Next the Captain sets out 2 to 4 wash lines as the discussion continues.

  • The boat is now “Armed and Dangerous” to the muskies! Many days we don’t get all the lines in the water before a musky attacks! There were days last summer when we boated 4 to 6 fish before all the lines were initially set.

Our Classroom!

Our Classroom!

  • The Captain drives the boat while the participants wait for the first musky attack.  According to a predetermined order, one of the participants grabs the screaming rod and battles the first fighting musky.  The Captain coaches everyone as to their roles in successfully landing each fish.  Depending on the size of the fish, which rod(s) went off, the direction the boat is traveling and the baits being used, it maybe necessary for the remaining participants to bring in certain lines.


  • The Captain will net the Musky and ask for help lifting it into the boat. The Captain will secure the fish and remove the hooks. The person who caught the fish will hold it up for pictures. The Musky is weighed, its length measured and quickly released unharmed.  Those who feel comfortable about setting the lines back out can get involved from this point.

  • The Captain will orchestrate the resetting of lines with those ready for the challenge. As the participant’s confidence and ability grows he or she can get fully engaged in the process.

  • Certain aspects of Musky fishing can be dangerous. Taking the hooks out of the fish should be left to the Captain. Everyone standing at the back of the boat, while a fish is being brought in, should be wearing a good quality pair of sunglasses in case the bait flings free and back towards the boat.


  • The key to catching lots of Musky is to have clean lines. It is important to keep lines free of debris and to minimize the amount of time it takes to get the lines back in the water.

  • Our philosophy is to slow the boat down when you are fighting a nice fish. It’s a fight between you and the Musky! You don’t want to fight the boat too! Slowing the trolling speed down adds to our work handling the lines but the end rewards while fighting a fish are worth it!

  • Musky Boot Camp is a day devoted to YOU learning to fish and catch MUSKY!