Captain Dan Leavoy’s – Day Care Service

Drop Off Your Husband, Boyfriend, Father or ALL Three for a Day of Walleye Fishing!

Gift Certificates are Available for Birthdays, Father’s Day, Christmas, or when you just want to get him out of your hair!

Dan Leavoy, 1073 Buckingham Dr. Windsor, ON, N8S 2E2

I chartered 38 years (1980 -2018) for Walleye, Musky and Yellow Perch.  Now Dan Beecroft has taken the helm of Fish Tank, offering Musky, Walleye and Perch charters while I, in semi-retirement, am offering a new unique service.  

Your man can join my team (Group) of fishing buddies and learn my successful walleye catching secrets.

We will be jigging walleye on the Detroit River, April to mid May and then using bottom bouncers and worm harness rigs mid May to August on Lake St. Clair.

On a weekly basis, and mindful of the weather forecasts, I will post pending fishing adventures to my Facebook Messenger Group “Captain Dan’s Fishing Buddies” The first fishing buddies to respond can take the available seat(s).

I have limited availability for 4 people and will mostly accommodate 1 or 2 people with my regular fishing buddies on 1 to 2 days a week… weather permitting.

Day Care fee is $100/day.
Gift Certificates are available for Birthdays, Father’s Day, Christmas, or when you just want to get him out of your hair!


His play day’s experience starts about 7:30 a.m. at my shop where we then travel together to the launch closest to our play day of fishing.

Class begins about 8:00 a.m. and lasts until approximately 1:00 p.m. …or when we catch our limit of walleye, whichever is sooner. Using my tackle and bait he will participate in every aspect of putting walleye in the boat.

He will learn important tackle considerations, fishing techniques and terminal tackle components to incorporate on his own fishing trips.

After our day on the water we travel together back to my shop to clean our fish and finish up our discussions.

If he wants help setting up his or her line and rig, that will be done at the end of the day of fishing or if time permits before our fishing date.

We will not go out unless the weather cooperates. The weather is a big factor in the success of any fishing adventure! If he is flexible on his date that will work in his favour.

Our regular team members carry both Ontario and Michigan fishing licenses. I encourage our guests to have links on their smart phones to acquire any additional license as required. We don’t always know where we will find “fishable” slightly off-colored water.

For more details:

Message me at 15199828934 OR

Connect with me from your smartphone on Messenger at:

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With so many Robo-Calls, your phone call is likely to go to “Voice Mail” and I’d call you back.